Less Is More, 28 February – 25 March 2020, Arthalle Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, Curator Diana Andrei

Laura Niculescu, Less is more

Text by Diana Andrei for the exhibition Less is more

Less is more is the main theme of Laura Niculescu’s works for a few years. Space is represented in her figurative works in a personal classical perspective, where the debris of the nature is eliminated, while differences and distances between objects are kept and synthesized.
The painter goes beyond unnecessary details through a moral and ethical view (reminding of the dry desert or the frozen lonely north) in search for the authenticity and freedom.
Facades are uncovered, structures are demolished, basement is erased, time fades away.
The classical perspective turns into a sketch, the main elements are extracted, reinterpreted and resynthesized several times, until memory of an old photography is condensed and poured in pure geometrical suspended elements (point, line, rectangle).